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Unofficial website - iethereum.finance
Before iethereum.finance was iethereum.live

Note that the official telegram channel https://t.me/iethereum got hijacked and https://t.me/iEthereum_Official is fake, same as this contact @iEthereum_admin

Also don't fall for fake iETH token swap, iEthereum team shall not be responsible for any lost tokens due to it

iEthereum is designed from the ground up for instant, secure, scalable transactions.


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Use Cases

A recent Cambridge University study estimates between 2.9 million and 5.8 million people now use cryptocurrency wallets worldwide in 2017. There are also more than 100,000 merchants, including giants like Microsoft, Paypal, DISH Network, Intuit, and Overstock, who trust bitcoin enough to accept it as a means of payment…


So what’s ahead of us?

Q2 2017

Thoughtful exploration on cryptocurrency, traditional online payment system and an alternative payment solution. Initial concept development.

July 2017

Project vision, team completion, consultation with key informants and core parameters development.

August 2017

Market evaluation including specific research and iEthereum token code development.

September 2017

Issuing iETH tokens into the Ethereum blockchain.

October 2017

Performing smart contract testing, launching a AirDrop campaign. Finishing up the crowdfunding campaign and distributing iETH tokens among supporters.

November 2017

Listing on exchange platforms. Marketing Campaigns in Europe and Asia.

December 2017

Additional exchange platforms. Release of whitepaper.

Q2 2018

Updating the existing components with Blockchain technology.

Q2 2019

Establishing strategic partnerships with Major Brands.

Q4 2019

Beggining of early adopters program. Release of wallet & Trading application for Android and iOS

Token Distribution

iEthereum was a 100% fair launch without ICO or investment rounds. iEthereum developers are independently wealthy, self-funded evangelists who believe in, develop and promote this game-changing technology. As a result, the currency has a healthy distribution without disproportionate early investor hands, as is the case with many ICO coins. We are a genuine project written on an original codebase introducing new innovative technology, not a get-rich-quick-scheme.


Frequently Asked Questions

iEthereum is a public Ethereum-based token for use in mainstream digital wallets, that enables real-time, peer-to-peer value exchange and payment services agnostically across jurisdictions and organizational silos, and across both fiat money and decentralized currencies.

iEthereum is Proof-of-Work (PoW).

iEthereum is currently as anonymous as Bitcoin. Whilst accounts and balances are publicly visible, the knowledge of who controls those accounts is not.

In order to see your tokens, you need to add iEthereum as a custom token, to do so you need the following details.

Token Contract Address:  0x859a9c0b44cb7066d956a958b0b82e54c9e44b4b
Token Symbol: iETH
Decimals: 8